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At Movie Monday

 Monday Nov 15    I KILLED MY MOTHER  -   J’ai tué ma mère
No actual mother killing happens in this amazing first film written and directed by  20-year-old Quebec filmmaker Xavier Dolan. The turbulent relationship between a precocious gay son and his crass single mother unfolds with a compelling combination of savage fury, humour, and melting affection. This stunning, semi-autobiographical directing debut wowed critics (and me) and won three prizes at Cannes Fest.  96min 2009 PG13
Repeat performance!  Because, in spite of terrible distribution, this film needs to be seen.
Article about Dolan:
WEDNESDAY 7:30 NOV 17     HUMANITALES… stories that are sexy, funny, real.     S4DAC (Society For Disability Arts and Culture)

An evening of storytelling with Jan Derbyshire, Julie McNamara and David Roche.
An international storytelling feast! Canadian Jan Derbyshire* performs excerpts from “Squid Ink -Fathomed Tales from the Deep Sea of Fear”; London, UK-based Julie McNamara offers songs and stories from the sublime to the ridiculous; and American ex-pat David Roche* tells stories from his newly evolving work “Catholic Erotica”.
 *about Vancouver’s Jan Derbyshire:  - I’m really looking forward to meeting her.
   *And you may already know David Roche from his earlier performance at MM and in his part in the Bonnie Klein Film “SHAMELESS: The Art Of Disability. He’s a great story teller!
Tickets: pay-what-you can at the door. Reserve by email:     or by phone after Nov 7:  250-385-9828
Doors open 7pm; shows at 7:30pm.
More information: <>
Co-presented by Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture and Movie Monday, with support from the BC Arts Council, 2010 Legacies Now and W2.
All by donation, all at the Movie Monday Theatre at the Eric Martin Pavilion   

October and November at Movie Monday

6:30 Monday Oct 4  MARION BRIDGE
“Canadian actor/playwright Daniel McIvor has written an extraordinary family drama involving three sisters trying to deal with their dying mother (who struggles with alcohol abuse) and the shared secrets of their past. Surely a recipe for mawkish, formula family drama, MARION BRIDGE succeeds wonderfully thanks to McIvor’s sharp, funny screenplay, strong performances by Molly Parker, Hollis McLaren, Stacy Smith and youngster Ellen Page [now megastar – Juno, Whip It, Inception] and an assured directorial hand by first-time director Weibke von Carolsfeld.  

MARION BRIDGE is filled with humor and powerful emotion as middle sister Agnes (Parker) returns to her rural, Cape Breton hometown after living wild in Toronto. Her two sisters Theresa and Louise view her return skeptically, but Agnes insists she’s given up the booze and drugs she once played heavily with, and takes charge of their mother’s care. Yet as in any family drama, those secrets preferred left undiscussed rear their ugly heads. The sweeping Nova Scotia landscape echoes the arc of emotions of this troubled family dredged once more to the surface. A stand out film.”
MARION BRIDGE won the Outstanding Writer Award at the 2002 Atlantic Film Festival & the Best First Feature Award at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival. 90min 2002 14A  Marion Bridge is a MM favourite!
Discussion will follow:
Special Guests Marty Nicholaus, Author and founder of LifeRing Secular Recovery Worldwide and Michael Walsh, Executive Director of LifeRing Canada will be with us to discuss the film, the topic, and LifeRing’s philosophies and ideas on addiction recovery.
About LifeRing:
LifeRing Secular Recovery is a popular alternative for those confronting addiction. We have a three point philosophy: Sobriety – 100% abstinence from drugs and alcohol; Secularity – without religion (not anti-religious), discussions avoid divisive belief systems like religion or politics; and Self-Help – by creating a Personal Recovery Plan that is designed by you and works for you. In Victoria we currently have 5 meetings weekly (4 in the community and one closed meeting in the hospital detox unit.) We also have one meeting in Langford and Qualicum. LifeRing offers scheduled online “meetings” and “chat rooms”, and has a tremendous number of resources available. We are a provincially registered non-profit.

6:30 Monday Oct 11 Thanksgiving Day   THE COMMITMENTS
Great times at the movies and SOUL are somethings to be thankful for. A replay of a favourite at MM. Maltin says, “Enormously satisfying tale of an ambitious young Dubliner who takes on the challenge of assembling…a band made up of working class Dubliners who sing ’60′s-style blues! [To his very pasty white potential band, ”Do you not get it, lads? The Irish are the blacks of Europe. And Dubliners are the blacks of Ireland. And the Northside Dubliners are the blacks of Dublin. So say it once, say it loud: I'm black and I'm proud.”] Disarmingly engaging from the word go, with an charismatic cast of unknowns; filled with irresistible music. A real treat.” 118min 1991 Pg – lots of colourful street language

6:30 & 8:30  Oct 18 Monday CROOKED BEAUTY with filmmaker Ken Paul Rosenthal in person
Filmmaker and mental health activist Ken Paul Rosenthal will screen Crooked Beauty, his poetic documentary that chronicles artist-activist Ashley McNamara’s journey from psych ward patient to pioneering mental health advocate. Rosenthal will talk about his challenge to embody the film’s character with compassion and authenticity. Discussion will focus on nurturing wellness through our relationship to the natural world, drawing new maps for ‘madness’ as a tool of insight, creativity and hope, and alternatives to the stigmas and stereotypes around representing madness in the media.
A very special and provocative piece that will spark a lively discourse.      35min 2010 USA (San Francisco)
see trailer at

See another screening Sunday evening at and a workshop with Ken at Pandora Arts Collective  details at

8am Tuesday Oct 19 Crooked Beauty and presentation at Psych Grand Rounds in EMP Theatre  (for professionals and students)

6:30 Monday Oct 25  THE GREY FOX
BC’s first and classic “western” by first time, local director Phillip Borsos, about real life Bill Miner (1847-1913), a stagecoach and train robbing specialist who caused a ruckus in the BC interior. He came to Kamloops after a bit of trouble in Washington state, befriended a BC Police officer and a feminist photographer but they couldn’t dissuade him of one last job.   Richard Farnsworth, a gentleman himself, played the part of this gentleman outlaw with brilliant reserve.  
See a sample @
Winner of 7 Genies. 110min 1982 PG
A great chance to see a new DVD version of a seldom screened Canadian classic  –  with special guest, Producer Peter O’Brian (also Outrageous!, My American Cousin, John and the Missus, and Far From Home: The Adventures of a Yellow Dog – some of my favourite films)   by phone’Brian_(film_producer)

Wednesday Oct 27  7pm NFB’s GET ANIMATED Program of fabulous short animated films – to celebrate World Animation Day Oct 28
Nov 1  
DOWNTOWN DAWGS  with Dr and Portland Football Club Coach Alan Bates   Impact of Rio experience3 min trailer
Downtown Dawgs follows the true story of Esau and Mike, two counselors working hard to give Calgary’s downtrodden a second chance at life through the magic of the world’s sport, soccer. As it turns out, the two counsellors are putting together a team for the first time ever from western Canada to enter the Homeless World Cup in South Africa. It explores the difference an opportunity like this makes in the lives of people who re homeless. This is a brilliant documentary that has got to be seen! 2007 87mins Pg13
We’ll be talking with Dr Alan Bates, Vancouver psychiatrist and coach who took the Vancouver team, Portland F C, to this September’s match in Rio.

a documentary about a homeless person in Victoria  

The astonishingly reckless and admirable actions undertaken by the controversial Sea Shepherd Conservation Society were aimed at stopping a Japanese whaling fleet in the vast expanse of the Antarctic’s Ross Sea. With one ship (The Farley Mowat) too slow to chase down the whaling fleet and their second ship (The Robert Hunter) unsuited for Antarctic ice conditions, the situation becomes increasingly desperate. Beautifully filmed against the haunting backdrop of the Antarctic, this is a real-life David-vs-Goliath adventure. 90min USA 2009

Together in Recovery- The LifeRing Way

Martin Nicolaus the founder of LifeRing Secular Recovery will be coming to Victoria the week of October 4th.

Refer to the link for dates and times. He will be speaking at Movie Monday on October 4th at Eric Martin Theatre at 6:30pm.lifering-MNicolaus-eventposter_FINAL_2SEP10(2)

The New Light Recovery Workshop: Self-Help Recovery Takes a New and Exciting Direction

 Written by Elizabeth Bogod and Erica Weinkle- reprinted with permission.

“I feel less alone”
“I am beginning to think somebody cares now”
“I really appreciate the opportunity to share with others who understand me”
“I like that we are all in this learning together”
“I just love that this workshop is peer-driven.”
“I never knew I had a choice not to suffer.”

These are some of the comments provided by participants of the New Light Recovery Workshop taking place at BCSS- Victoria Branch where group members are learning skills to deal with overwhelming emotions. Although they have a variety of mental illnesses they all have one thing in common – they all experience intense emotions that cause emotional distress and are attending this sixteen week workshop to learn a special group of skills called Dialectical Behavioural Techniques (DBT). These techniques are based on an adapted form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy called Dialectical Behavioural Therapy developed by Marsha M. Linehan, Ph.D.  However, as a branch of the Peer Support Program it does not offer therapy, but rather an innovative and exciting approach to DBT and peer support that is breaking new ground!

The group is facilitated by two Peer Support Workers – Elizabeth Bogod and Erica Weikle.
A practicum student, Senz Hamilton is also co-facilitating. Elizabeth and Erica are well into their recovery from Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). They both have extensive experience using DBT skills in their own lives. 

The prime reason for joining this workshop for participants is to help them deal with various forms of self-destructive behaviour that make it difficult for them to experience a quality of life. Some participants are dealing suicidal thoughts and behaviours, self-injury and substance abuse. They are also coping with various symptoms of mental illness including depression, anxiety, anger issues, delusional thinking, racing thoughts and impulsivity.

Participants are learning mindfulness skills which include observing and describing their emotions as they happen and then suspending judgement about their emotions. They are also learning how to create “a life worth living” through regulating their emotions and handling daily stress.  

For example, with “ice therapy” participants hold melting ice cubes in their hands, to match the intensity of their emotions and change their thought patterns so they do not act out self-destructively.

This workshop was a pilot project. We hope to run it again in the fall and are currently taking a waitlist. For more information please call 250 384 4225.

Summer Jam- Friends of Music

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